Friday, June 15, 2012

Sawatdee Khrap!

Sawatdee khrap everyone! I'm heading off to Thailand for two and a half months to travel and study abroad with USAC, and I wanted to make this blog to document my adventures for myself and anyone else interested in reading. :) I'll be studying in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand before taking a couple weeks to travel to Bangkok, Phuket, the islands, and other parts of Thailand. And I'll be posting comments and photos every step of the way!

I thought it would be fitting to call my blog “Farang Frenzy,” as farang is used often in Thai slang to refer to westerners visiting Thailand. This is my first trip to Asia, so I’m excited to experience life in the East, and I plan to document some of the most striking differences between farang and Thai culture as well as some observations surrounding some of my interests – economics, Buddhist philosophy, language, and literature (I’m a Marketing and Economics double major and English Literature minor with a love of anthropology and travel, so expect to see a wide range of observations :) ).

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